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T-34 2018 Release : 2018-12-27 Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, War Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions T-34 In 1944, a courageous group of Russian soldiers managed to escape from German captivity in a half-destroyed legendary T-34 tank. Those were the times of unforgettable bravery, fierce fighting, unbreakable love, and legendary miracles.

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The Lark 1964 Release : 1964-12-22 Genre : Action, Drama, War Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions The Lark Russian prisoners of war commandeer a tank and lead the Nazis on a cross-country chase in this World War II adventure drama. The Russians use their own tanks so the Nazis can use […]

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Q & A 1990 Release : 1990-04-27 Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions Q & A A young district attorney seeking to prove a case against a corrupt police detective encounters a former lover and her new protector, a crime boss who refuse to help him.


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